Cold beers, nice weather and skating amazing spots with friends. Skateboard trips are about exploration. Adapting to your environment. Looking at things in a new perspective and visiting places you have never been before. The Station 2 Station tour was an exploration to say the least.

Last summer Wouter, Shajen, Sebas, Robbin, Lex and special guest Jeremy all skated spots they’d never seen and had good times skating downhills, smoking on trains, sleeping on floors and hanging out with the local crews.

This is the result of our trip that started off in Rotterdam and made its route through Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. We would like to thank all the locals we met along the way and showed us around the best places in Eastern Europe and thank Red Bull, GoPro, Interrail and Nike SB for their support.

Video by Marc Bolhuis & Martijn van Hemmen
Photography by Thomas Wieringa & Hugo Snelooper
Design by Alonso Chunga