ocean pacific

Ocean pacific

Ocean Pacific

As the name can probably tell, Ocean Pacific is a surf related brand. It originally started in 1960 as a surfboard brand, but it is transformed through the years to a brand that goes beyond surfboards. In 1972 Ocean Pacific started to deliver apparel that met the needs of surfers. At that time, the brand started to shift its focus to fashion and lifestyle. From apparel to complete skate-/longboards, Ocean Pacific has them for you.
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Ocean Pacific Swell Black/Orange Complete Cruiser 8.25
€ 109,95
Ocean Pacific Offshore White/Red Mini Complete Drop Through Longboard 8.0 x 31.5
€ 139,95
Ocean Pacific Swell Yellow/Blue Complete Pintail Longboard 8.75 x 40.0
€ 164,95
Ocean Pacific Sunset Surfskate Black/Red 32.0
€ 159,95
Ocean Pacific Sunset Teal/Black Surfskate 29.5
€ 169,95