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Located in California, Ace Trucks says it’s making the best skateboard trucks on this planet. Established in 2006 by Joy Tershay (partnered with Steve ‘’Shrewgy’’ Ruge), the company makes high quality trucks with the needs of hardcore skateboarders in mind. It benefits from 50 years of skateboard truck design knowledge. The trucks are made of materials from the USA and can withstand long skatesessions on any terrain. The mission of Ace Trucks: ‘’Quality without compromise’’. In need of a good pair of trucks? Check out Ace Trucks at Skatestore!
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Ace 33 AF1 Trucks Polished
€ 34,95
Ace 55 AF1 Trucks Polished
€ 34,95
Ace 33 Classic Truck Polished
€ 29,95
Ace 44 Classic Truck Polished
€ 29,95
Ace 55 Classic Truck Polished
€ 29,95